Vinyasa Yoga

A fluid and invigorating style of yoga

At Le Dôme we teach Vinyasa yoga, a vigorous technique known for its powerful detoxifying effects.

This dynamic yoga practice is beneficial for the entire body, muscles and joints. It is accessible for people of all ages and levels of practice and improves stamina, breathing and heart health.

Vinyasa classes incorporate a variety of asanas (postures), linked together in a constant movement. All poses are coordinated with the breathing, increasing circulation and the intake of oxygen into cells & organs. Dynamically moving from one asana to the next, an internal heat is generated in the core, purifying the organs and detoxifying the body.

Vinyasa Yoga in Lagos

Perfect to tone your body and boost your energy naturally !

Le Dôme offers vinyasa yoga classes based on the energising practice of a sequence of asanas (postures).

Our vinyasa flow will help you to :

  • Balance your mind and body ;
  • Strengthen your muscles ;
  • Increase your flexibility and mobility ;
  • Reduce your stress levels ;
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness.

This dynamic workout also increases focus and concentration and draws you deeper into your internal sensations.

You will be guided step-by-step throughout the session to help you achieve the correct positioning for each posture.

Class participants are encouraged to be attentive to their physical sensations while maximising their individual potential. The instructor’s attentiveness to the specific needs and limits of each person is an essential aspect of these classes.

Take time to breathe, book your group class or private yoga class in Lagos now !

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Hatha Yoga Lagos

Join us all year round for a hatha yoga practice open to everyone, whatever your age, body size or physical condition. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome.
You will be guided in each posture, gain flexibility, concentration, tone... and take the time to breathe!

Yin Yoga Lagos

During the Yin yoga classes that we teach in our studio in Lagos, Algarve, you will experience the postures with a practice that is at once measured and intensive. The protracted stretching that characterises this style of yoga relieves tension but all the while, the body is working intensely and profoundly. The slower rhythm of these classes compared to dynamic yoga makes them more conducive to introspection.