Private Yoga Classes

Improve your practice with private yoga classes in Lagos !

Do you want to discover yoga at your own rhythm, or to make progress with a particular aspect of your practice ?

Maybe you are not able to attend group classes because of your schedule ?

Le Dôme offers classes that are made to measure, adapted to your level of practice and to your specific needs !

Private yoga classes in Lagos

Le Dôme is a centre entirely dedicated to wellbeing through yoga and energetic treatments in the Algarve.

In the comfortable surroundings of our modern and luminous yoga studio, a qualified and experienced instructor will guide you through each session.

These individual sessions, suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners, are a unique opportunity to develop your yoga practice.

They are the perfect way to :

  • consolidate your grasp of the bases or improve your asana technique
  • gain fluidity and confidence in your practice
  • elaborate, in collaboration with your instructor, a programme of postures specially adapted for you if you have an injury or a specific medical condition

During these individual classes we will give you personalised tips and advice to help you develop your practice, taking into account your capacities and your limits.

A made-to-measure yoga session at Le Dôme

During the class your instructor will guide you through a programme that you have elaborated together or that he or she has constructed especially for you. You will benefit from his or her exclusive attention as you correct, adjust and refine each movement as necessary.

This unique moment of interaction is the perfect occasion to ask all the questions you have about the world of yoga, or to decode the postures and learn about the specific benefits of each.

Are you wondering if yoga is really for you ?

A private class is the ideal opportunity to start practising at your rhythm and to discover the principles of this ancestral discipline...

If you would like to reserve a private class at Le Dôme, consult our yoga schedule and choose the time that suits you best !

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Hatha Yoga Lagos

Join us all year round for a hatha yoga practice open to everyone, whatever your age, body size or physical condition. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome.
You will be guided in each posture, gain flexibility, concentration, tone... and take the time to breathe!

Yin Yoga Lagos

During the Yin yoga classes that we teach in our studio in Lagos, Algarve, you will experience the postures with a practice that is at once measured and intensive. The protracted stretching that characterises this style of yoga relieves tension but all the while, the body is working intensely and profoundly. The slower rhythm of these classes compared to dynamic yoga makes them more conducive to introspection.

Vinyasa Yoga

Le Dôme offers vinyasa yoga classes based on the energising practice of a sequence of asanas (postures).
This invigorating style of yoga is accessible to everyone : all classes are taught with the utmost respect for the physical possibilities and limits of each participant.

You will be guided step by step throughout the session to help you achieve the correct positioning for each of the postures.