Yin Yoga Lagos

An intense and regenerating practice

Yin yoga is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist practices in which stretches were held for long periods of time. It refers to “yin” (passivity) in opposition to “yang” (activity), two interconnected and complementary forces in ancient Chinese philosophy.

This yoga style targets the deep connective tissues of the body – the ligaments, joints, bones and the fascia networks. The practice also offers huge mental and emotional benefits.

The extended stretching that characterises this style of yoga relieves tension while the body is working intensely and profoundly. The slower rhythm of these classes compared to dynamic yoga makes them more conducive to introspection.

For this reason, this yoga practice is particularly appropriate for:

  • those looking for ways to relax and manage stress;
  • people suffering from tension and stiffness in the joints or from physical difficulties.

Yin yoga lessons in Lagos

During the yin yoga classes at our studio in Lagos, Algarve, you will experience the postures with a practice that is at once measured and intensive. Yin yoga classes are suitable for all levels, facilitating physical and mental relaxation, release of tensions and circulation of energy. It helps realign the body and can be practiced as a valuable complement to more dynamic classes.

Start a self-care routine to improve your mind and body health : check our schedule and book your next yoga class in Lagos !

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Vinyasa Yoga

Le Dôme offers vinyasa yoga classes based on the energising practice of a sequence of asanas (postures).
This invigorating style of yoga is accessible to everyone : all classes are taught with the utmost respect for the physical possibilities and limits of each participant.

You will be guided step by step throughout the session to help you achieve the correct positioning for each of the postures.

Hatha Yoga Lagos

Join us all year round for a hatha yoga practice open to everyone, whatever your age, body size or physical condition. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome.
You will be guided in each posture, gain flexibility, concentration, tone... and take the time to breathe!