Online Yoga Classes

Le Dôme in your sitting room !

Maybe you are on holiday abroad, or unable to get to the studio at Le Dôme for your favourite yoga class ?

Whether you are at home or at your workplace, our yoga classes by videoconference mean that you can practise with us no matter where you are !

Yoga by videoconference for all levels

The classes are open to people of all ages, both beginners and more experienced practitioners.

During these online yoga sessions, each person progresses at their own rhythm and according to their individual possibilities.

Places are limited in order to ensure proper correction for each participant.

Online yoga classes : how do they work ?

The classes are live and are totally interactive. Once you have connected to the course with your computer or your tablet, you follow the progression of the session as if you were at a conventional class. Your instructor will guide you through the execution of the postures, suggesting any adjustments you need to make and recommending variations if necessary. Your video must be activated so that we can check your positioning and help you to rectify it if you need to. Ensure that the camera is directed towards your mat !

Unable to attend the online course at the scheduled time ? For the same price, you can receive the video on replay and follow the session at the time you choose.

What material do I need to participate in an online yoga class ?

To attend these sessions you will need :

  • a computer or a tablet with a webcam
  • internet connection
  • a yoga mat, bricks, a bolster or cushion, a cover
  • comfortable clothes

How do I enroll for online yoga classes ?

If you would like to participate in one of our online classes, here is how to go about it :

  • consult the class schedule and choose your session
  • contact us directly
  • make your payment to confirm your inscription

Thirty minutes before the class begins, you will receive a link enabling you to join us on the online platform.

How can I pay for online sessions ?

Online classes are paid by bank transfer. You can buy one class at a time or a subscription for five or ten classes.

If you have a Le Dôme subscription card, the online sessions will be automatically deducted from your card.

For greater flexibility, we allow you to modify a pre-paid class up to two hours before the beginning of the session.

Le Dôme is a centre entirely dedicated to wellbeing through yoga and energetic treatments in the Algarve.

We offer online sessions of gentle (Yin) or dynamic (Vinyasa) yoga.

Consult the class schedule to choose the time that suits you best !

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Vinyasa Yoga

Le Dôme offers vinyasa yoga classes based on the energising practice of a sequence of asanas (postures).
This invigorating style of yoga is accessible to everyone : all classes are taught with the utmost respect for the physical possibilities and limits of each participant.

You will be guided step by step throughout the session to help you achieve the correct positioning for each of the postures.

Hatha Yoga Lagos

Join us all year round for a hatha yoga practice open to everyone, whatever your age, body size or physical condition. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome.
You will be guided in each posture, gain flexibility, concentration, tone... and take the time to breathe!