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What are the underlying principles of shiatsu massage ?

The name comes from the Japanese “shi” (fingers) and “atsu” (pressure). Shiatsu is a manual and energetic therapy combining Japanese techniques and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ancient discipline considers human health to be a totality and takes into account the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each person. Shiatsu has been recognised as an official form of medicine in Japan since 1955.

The purpose of shiatsu is to reestablish the circulation of energy in the parts of the body where it is stagnant or imbalanced. The shiatsu practitioner works on the body’s energy points, applying varying degrees of pressure with their thumbs, fingers, palms, fists or elbows. The treatment influences the flow of energy in the meridians and helps reestablish their overall equilibrium. The aim is to eliminate blockages, stimulate weak points and to boost naturally your body’s ability to heal itself.

What are the health benefits of shiatsu therapy ?

Shiatsu can play a preventive role to help you remain in good health as well as a curative role through its action on various health conditions. You will feel the benefits of this manual energetic therapy on a number of levels. The technique is effective on both a physical and a mental level and helps to :

  • relax the muscles
  • improve joint flexibility and mobility
  • stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph
  • stimulate the body’s self-defence system (immunity)
  • calm stress and ease tension
  • relieve the pain of rheumatological conditions like arthrosis and arthritis or of lumbago, torticollis or neck pain
  • regulate digestive problems and constipation

Shiatsu is neither a massage nor a medical act in the Western sense of the term. It is a technique whose aim is to induce relaxation and wellbeing and under no circumstances can it replace medical treatment. It can, however, be a precious aid for people undergoing difficult medical treatments.

What happens during a shiatsu treatment session in Lagos ?

The preliminary interview
The session begins with an exchange with the practitioner to assess your overall state of health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the receiver’s skin and complexion, eyes, breathing and pulse are important sources of information for the therapist. We will also discuss your lifestyle, medical history, current symptoms and general state of mind during this interview prior to the treatment.

The shiatsu massage treatment
Shiatsu is practised on a tatami on the floor, and each session is adapted to your needs. The practitioner applies pressure of varying intensity to the entire body: the back, the legs, the arms, the head and the thorax. As the session progresses your body will relax and your mind become increasingly calm as all the tension is released.

I am Claire Stable, your shiatsu therapist, qualified at the Institut Français de Shiatsu in Paris in 2009. I am delighted to welcome you to Le Dôme, a centre dedicated entirely to promoting wellbeing through yoga and energetic treatments in the Algarve.

To reserve your treatment, call +351 911 553 273 or write to me directly via the contact form to find the answers to your questions.

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