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“The human body is a tiny universe, the universe is a great body”

Shiatsu Massage - Treatments

Shiatsu massage is a manual and energetic therapy combining Japanese techniques and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The purpose of shiatsu is to reestablish the circulation of energy in the parts of the body where it is stagnant or imbalanced. The shiatsu practitioner works on the body’s energy points, applying varying degrees of pressure with their thumbs, fingers, palms, fists or elbows. The treatment influences the flow of e...


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the foot is considered to be a reproduction in miniature of our body and a mirror of our mental and physical health. Did you know that each part of our feet corresponds to a part of the human body (organ, gland, nerve) ?

Foot reflexology is derived from this ancient form of medicine and is based on a precise map of foot reflex zones.