“When we massage the feet, we also caresse the soul”

What are the principles of foot reflexology ?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the foot is considered to be a reproduction in miniature of our body and a mirror of our mental and physical health. Did you know that each part of our feet corresponds to a part of the human body (organ, gland, nerve) ?

Foot reflexology is derived from this ancient form of medicine and is based on a precise map of foot reflex zones. By stimulating the reflex zones using digito-pressure, the reflexologist can identify points of tension and areas of dysfunction within the body. The treatment enables the reflexologist to work on the organ which is unbalanced in order to neutralise the points of tension and improve the circulation of energy. This technique, which has both a calming and a stimulating effect, activates the body’s innate self-healing and rebalancing processes. In addition to its therapeutic aspects, foot reflexology is also profoundly relaxing.

What are the health benefits of foot reflexology?

Since it acts directly on the central nervous system, this treatment is highly conducive to mental relaxation and to the evacuation of negative emotions. Practised as a preventive or a curative technique, foot reflexology will help to :

  • stimulate the organs and regulate their vital functions
  • release nervous tension and calm stress
  • improve sleep patterns
  • relieve pain and relax the muscles

What happens during a foot reflexology session in Lagos ?

The foot bath
The foot reflexology ritual at Le Dôme begins with a foot bath in hot water perfumed with salts and a personalised synergy of essential oils. The footbath is the ideal moment for taking time to talk about your general state of health with the reflexologist, who will ask you about your lifestyle, your stress levels, your sleep patterns, your medical history and your digestion. This preliminary interview gives the reflexologist vital information to prepare and optimise your treatment.

The foot reflexology treatment
I am trained in Chinese and South African reflexology and I modify my technique according to the specific problems you have mentioned during the interview. My ten years of experience have helped me to develop a sensitive and responsive touch which I can adapt to each person. Chinese Reflexology is characterised by penetrating massage of the foot tissue. It is carried out using foot cream and can either be practised as a relaxing treatment or as a protocol adapted to a particular condition such as sciatica, sleep problems, seasonal allergies, etc...South African reflexology, carried out using talc, is remarkable for the delicate quality of the pressure applied. The precision, the delicacy and the lightness of the touch employed in this technique produce a profound state of relaxation that is almost like sleep. This extremely relaxing treatment encourages and accompanies the liberation of emotions.

I am Claire Stable, foot reflexology therapist qualified at the Institut Français de Réflexologies in 2011. I am delighted to welcome you to Le Dôme, a centre dedicated entirely to promoting wellbeing through yoga and energetic treatments in the Algarve.

To reserve your treatment, call +351 911 553 273 or write to me directly via the contact form to find the answers to your questions.

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