My name is Claire and I lived in our beautiful city of Lagos, Portugal for 4 years now. In 2021 I imagined and created Le Dôme, a yoga studio and an energetic treatment center, I offer Shiatsu & Reflexology Treatments in Lagos, I have more than 13 years of experience. I am trained in Shiatsu & Chinese Medecine for many years in Paris at the French Institute of Shiatsu & Reflexology (IFS). For many decades, I'm convinced by the deep link between body & spirit : one is unseparable from the other. I am also diplomed in Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. I have taken many yoga retreats around the world (Portugal, Bali, France...). I organize monthly workshop, course or special Events at Le Dôme on a theme such as chakras or a special part of the body. I teach different yoga classes at le Dôme, I like friendly classes and good atmosphere for the students.

I look forward to meet you at le Dôme either for a yoga class for a Shiatsu or a foot reflexology treatment

At le Dôme I teach 3 classes per week :

- Yin Yoga on Mondays at 5:00-6:15pm

- Hatha Yoga on Tuesdays at 9:30-10:45

- Vinyasa Yoga on Fridays at 9:30-10:45

Check our Yoga Schedule
To register to my class contact me directly on Whatsapp : +33 6 76 87 84 85 or by phone +351 911 553 273  (reservation required)