Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just beginning yoga or are already an experienced yogi, you surely have some questions about classes at Le Dôme. Here you will find the answers to the questions that people most often ask us. If you don’t find the response here, please contact us! We will be delighted to give you all the information you need.

I am not very flexible, can I do yoga ?

Of course you can ! Flexibility is not an innate quality, and the regular practice of yoga will help your body to adapt and become more supple, no matter how old you are. “Stiffness” is neither inevitable, nor something you just have to live with, nor a permanent state. Your progression will depend on your assiduity and your commitment to your practice !

I am a beginner. Will I be able to follow the classes ?

Le Dôme offers collective courses which are suitable for all levels, taught with all the attentiveness and the absence of judgement which characterise the spirit of yoga. The pedagogy and the sequences of postures are adapted to the needs of participants. Each posture is broken down into its component parts if necessary, taking into account the rhythm of each person in the group. As a beginner you will be guided every step of the way as you explore the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).

If you want to make rapid progress in yoga, we also offer individual classes to help you to discover this discipline with sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Is there a maximum age for doing yoga ?

You can practise yoga at any age, and it is never too late to begin ! Moreover, for people over 50 yoga has numerous benefits for both body and spirit. It slows down the aging process and reinforces the immune system... Come and try the different styles of yoga, gentle or dynamic, and choose the one that suits you best.

I have a weight problem. Can I do yoga ?

Yoga is not only for slim people! It is a discipline that is founded on non-jugement, empathy and self-awareness. If you are carrying excess weight, practising yoga will help you to improve your suppleness and to develop your muscles gently and gradually. It will also help you to become more aware, and therefore more accepting, of your body.

I have joint or bone problems. Could yoga help me ?

Yoga can be a real help if you have knee or shoulder problems or if you suffer from arthritis, inflammatory rheumatic conditions or osteoporosis. A regular practice will help you to better handle pain and to reduce the stress that these conditions can cause. Tell the instructor about your health problems : all the postures can be adapted to your symptoms.

We also have bolsters, cushions, bricks and straps to help you to adjust your position appropriately. Let us know about your condition before the class.

I do a lot of sports. What can yoga do for me ?

Yoga is an excellent preparation method for sportspeople, involving as it does breath control, oxygenating and stretching the muscles and tissues, mobilisation of the joints and the spine... Yoga is a particularly effective way to increase the flexibility of the joints and to warm up the entire body. It will also help you to achieve better synchronisation of gestures and effort and to concentrate on the present moment.

I suffer from stress. Can yoga help me ?

Of course ! Yoga is a fantastic ally in the management of day-to-day stress. The combination of specific postures, breathing exercises and concentration bring about a profound release of physical and psychological tensions. Carpe diem ! Yoga helps us to concentrate on the present moment, on the here and now. It brings discernment and clairvoyance and helps us in decision making !

What should I bring to a yoga class ?

We furnish all the material needed for the session : mats, bricks, straps, cushions / bolsters and covers. All you have to bring are some comfortable clothes (t-shirt and leggings, for example) in which to practise. You can bring your own equipment if you wish. Our Lagos yoga studio has changing facilities.

Do I have to reserve my course in advance ?

Reservation is not compulsory but we do advise you to reserve by telephone, e-mail, or via our contact form. Places for collective classes are limited. We also request that you arrive at the studio ten minutes before the beginning of the class, so that it can start on time.

What is the cancellation policy ?

Any class not cancelled at least 24 hours before the start time must be paid for. If you do not let us know that you are unable to attend within this time limit, payment for the class will be due or a class deducted from your subscription card.

I am pregnant. Can I still practise yoga ?

Absolutely. Provided that you adapt your practice in accordance with each stage of your pregnancy, yoga will be your greatest ally. Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are specially adapted for pregnancy, and many yoga postures are excellent for relieving backache and circulatory or digestive problems or for regulating sleep disturbance. Yoga will also help you to breathe more efficiently and will increase your awareness of your body and your baby. So it is the ideal way to help you enjoy your pregnancy and prepare the arrival of your baby !
Please note : it is indispensable that you inform your instructor that you are pregnant before the beginning of the class.

I suffer from hypertension and / or diabetes. Is yoga for me ?

Yoga cannot replace medical treatment. Nevertheless, it can offer valuable support by helping to relieve the symptoms of your condition and improving the quality of your daily life. If you suffer from hypertension or hyperglycemia your instructor will suggest appropriate postures and breathing exercises: inform her or him of your condition at the beginning of the course.

I have a heart condition. Is yoga for me ?

A regular practice of yoga can be as effective as walking or cycling for the prevention of cardiovascular illness. If you suffer from a heart condition you can still practise yoga so long as you avoid certain movements. For this reason, it is essential that you inform your instructor about your condition before the class so that he or she can suggest postures which are appropriate and safe for you.

Should I eat or drink before the class ?

It is a good idea not to eat just before the class. The sensation of a full stomach can be very uncomfortable during your yoga practice ! However, if you are worried that you will not be able to make it to the end of the class without having eaten, choose a light snack that is easy to digest. Likewise, avoid drinking coffee or large volumes of fluid just before a class.

Which style of yoga should I choose ?

This depends on the type of practice you are looking for. Hatha / vinyasa is a dynamic style of practice whereas Yin is slower and more meditative, Ashtanga more physical and fairly strenuous, Kundalini is energy-based and spiritual, Iyengar postural and therapeutic...