About Le Dôme and me

When I look back on the life path that eventually led me to create Le Dôme, I realise that the story was not written in advance. My name is Claire STABLE, and my journey started in 1996 in a small town in Normandy...

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About Le Dôme and me


When I first started yoga I was worried that I might not be able to do the postures, but Claire always encourages us and boosts our confidence. I have become much more flexible and more comfortable with my body.


Thanks to shiatsu, I experienced a true state of relaxation for the first time ever ! I certainly intend to repeat the experience.


Claire is an attentive and understanding practitioner. The treatment made me feel calmer and more energised.


I received an extremely relaxing foot reflexology treatment in beautiful surroundings. Highly recommended.


I consulted Claire after suffering a burn-out. The reflexology sessions revitalised me both physically and mentally. I have been sleeping much better since...


My wife gave me a treatment as a birthday present. It was a new experience for me as usually I am not very keen on massages. The shiatsu session helped to release all the muscular “knots” that I had had for ages.


During my convalescence from a long illness, energetic treatments helped me to reappropriate my body. Now I book a treatment at every change of season, which does me a lot of good.


The classes help relieve my chronic knee and hip pain and help me to gain strength gradually. Claire always suggests movements adapted to my needs.


I wouldn’t miss my Vinyasa class for anything in the world! I love the friendly atmosphere of the sessions at Le Dôme. I feel at home there.


At last, yoga classes in French in Lagos ! A big thank you to the whole team at Le Dôme !


We were passing through Lagos and we were delighted to discover this lovely studio, full of positive vibrations ! It was one of the highlights of our holiday in the Algarve.


I am a bit hyperactive and naturally a very anxious person. Yin yoga classes have taught me to relax more and help me to deal better with stress on a day-to-day basis.


I do classes by visioconference from Canada ! Claire is very attentive to our positioning and corrects us as if we were actually in a studio.


During the classes, Claire often explains the effects that the different postures can have on the body. This helps me to better visualise my body and to really feel the benefits of yoga.


At the age of 63, I have no intention of getting rusty ! I have started doing yoga so that I can continue to practise a physical activity at a rhythm that suits me for as long as possible.


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